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Help your products and services stand out to your customers and clients:

White Papers/Ebooks/Special Reports: Showcase your expertise and innovation. I can write one from scratch or transform one you’ve already written.

Case Studies: Share a customer success story to provide powerful proof of your benefit.

Industry Articles: Establish yourself and your company as thought leaders in your industry.

Email Series: Generate leads for your content or follow up after prospects engage.

“We finally found our silver bullet – Kristen Stelzer

“After several weeks of collaboration to draft a white paper, we finally found our silver bullet – Kristen Stelzer.

We had an innovative idea and subject matter expertise but struggled to articulate our thoughts in a concise and engaging manner.

Kristen understood what we were trying to write and turned our lengthy, dense draft that was too dull to read into a professional, easy-to-read white paper.”

Tom Leddo, Chief Strategy Officer at MD7

(Some) samples

“I was very impressed!”

“Many times writers don’t get what you’re trying to say, but Kristen captured the true essence of what I said. I was very impressed!”

Leticia Latino, President and CEO of Neptuno USA, Corp.

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